My name is Jonathan Marston and I am a web developer specializing in Rich Internet Applications. If you’ve never heard the term, Wikipedia has a pretty good entry about what RIA development is all about. I’ve done Ajax and I used to be a .Net developer, but my main interest these days is ActionScript and the Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex platforms.

Other technologies that I have focused on over the past year include running a LAMP server on Ubuntu, WordPress template customization, and WebSphere J2EE. I’m getting going with Ruby on Rails and hope to get a chance to put my audio editing skills to work over the next year.

Hiking in IranIf you are interested in finding out more about me, check out my life story. I’ve also posted a bunch of audio stories from my days as a public radio producer on the sound page. For a more formal representation of my professional experience, please take a look at my profile on Linked In. I’ve got a profile on Facebook too, although I don’t do much with that one.